Friday, September 27, 2013

Book about Fort Covington

Jack Boyle’s book, Sunset on the Tracks: A memoir of family, friends, and special times in 1950’s Fort Covington will be an enjoyable read for any current or former residents of the area. We have the book in our Country Store and the cost is $25.00 plus tax. Jack is willing to come to the Museum for a book signing and to reminisce with those who are interested. Watch for news of this event!


  1. was looking to purchase this book for a christmas present for my sister, could you tell me where i can do this,

  2. amazon has it ..but as far as I can tell, only in digital format. I grew up in Fort Covington.

    1. thank you brenda, this book is faboulous read

  3. You can email Jack at I'm sure he would let you know where to get the book.